There are a lifetime of memories derrived from a grand  and  wondrous celebration.    Life is fantastic and I wouldn't want to miss it.......would you??
        This is where we begin to create the best for the most important day of your life.
I often say to my newlyweds " Love is a mysterious journey and you two are about to embark on this wonderful voyage” and “Your wedding or partnership celebration can be anything your heart desires
Whether you would like a simple wedding with just a few people or a more formal affair with all the extras, to anywhere in between.....this is what I do....please read on for the details.


  My humble background
of almost three decades of being a licensed minister is what I bring to each of my  special wedding ceremonies.
Rest will be a wonderful celebration.

I will bring knowledge to our meeting about your marriage certificate, obtaining, filing, name change, rehearsals, coordinators, music, photography and a list of other things important to your wedding. 

Your  wedding  ceremony  will  be   ministered   with   open   arms. 
 All  unions  of  love  are  precious  in  this  ever  changing  world  we live.

Personalized, wedding ceremonies written just the way you and your fiancee would like. All the details will be included. Friendly and free consultation or meeting!

                    I'm just-an email, text or phone call away. 619-399-3173 or

Respect and tradition are very important in a wedding, but so is a feeling of vitality and a sense that the  ceremony reflects who you really are.  Every couple is different, and may want a personally planned  ceremony that is written and coordinated according to their wishes.  Many couples would like some help putting it all together and making the ceremony go smoothly.  My mission, as your minister, is to make your wedding experience comfortable and to have you at ease........serenely at peace with yourself.

I will attend to every detail of your ceremony.
It is important to some  to know just how things will work when the ceremony begins. I will sit down with you  and your fiance, and plan probably the most joyful  day of your life.  This can be done with you weeks or even days, before your wedding or celebration. We’ll go over the details to make the ceremony fit just right for you.

****************************************************** services are available anywhere in California/USA or the world.

     I am a "non-denominational" ordained-minister for over 30 years and perform a ceremony that is suitable and appropriate for all cultures. Close attention is given to honor a particular need for what one or both newlyweds may want in their ceremony or vows.

The opportunity for each newlywed to say their vows, if you like or just a profound statement to one another within the alter ceremony is one of the benefits for you that I provide, as your officiating-minister. Or you just may feel more at ease with me putting together the complete alter ceremony.  These things we will discuss with each other when we first meet.

As part of our service, we will file your "marriage" documents with the county where you applied in California.

  You can have your celebration for very little cost. That cost is $259.00 for the complete ceremony. Beyond this, you choose your individual cost and elegance.
        Oh.....and please keep in mind that we will accept your VISA or MASTERCARD for all services!!

                    This is all about you. "It’s your special day."
Together we can make it happen.

          special blessings to you,
                   Reverend Robert Carter

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                       After hours;
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And's a cherished love affair with the heart!!!
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